Our Mission
Our mission is educating and helping the low-mid to low income families in education, health and life styles...
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Our Programs
We provide total personality development so that they become themselves examples to the standards...
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Famous Egyptian wise man, Aesop has told us a story of a crow bringing the water up from the bottom of the long ...
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Know Us
SAHA endeavors to establish an institution of excellence of international standards in imparting quality education...
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Welcome to wonderful world of SERVE ALL, HELP ALL, Inc

Our mission is educating and helping the low-mid to low income families in education, health, and lifestyles.

Volunteers at SAHA believe that education is the long term tool that breaks the cycle of poverty. However, families in the low level of income strata need help to sustain a healthy life style to afford education.

In the current economic cycle, SAHA has realized that when there is no roof over the head, education and a healthy life style become academic concepts. In association with the Non-Profit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, SAHA educates home and small business owners at no cost to maintain their homes and a decent lifestyle, providing necessary tools and information. In the past 15 months, this non-profit has helped hundreds of homeowners either by completely free home loan modifications or by legal help to bring the lenders to the negotiating table to settle with them. Visit us at: www.NACALAW.org.

Many talented and meritorious young students are forced to abruptly stop their education and take up any career that comes by their way – not by choice but because of the economic compulsions of their families. We cannot just keep watching these talents wither away.

SAHA supports young meritorious and talented students because many students are deprived of a better education due to their inability to afford the exorbitant costs of quality higher education, providing alternatives in other countries such as India. SAHA has teamed up with World Knowledge Hub, Inc; a flexible purpose corporation, to develop an innovative project to help college students to reduce the cost and time to graduate by 66%, that is likely to change the delivery of education.

SAHA is also currently working in tandem with the “Sai Raiba Ambalal Memorial Trust (Sai RAM Trust).” The Sai RAM Trust is a non profit charity in India to establish a unique University for helping such needy students, to shape them as better citizens for a better world. SAHA aims to extend its activities to a few more developing countries in the near future.