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Empowerment program for village schools to shape better citizens

These programs are offered totally free of cost to remote schools. The aim is to bring about qualitative behavior changes in the students and teachers alike. The program uses effective management tools like 360 degrees feedback for the teachers to enable their self-evaluation and improve their performance through feedback from the various stakeholders of the school. The program also attempts to strengthen the students’ motivation by motivational lectures, career counseling, value education, and shaping them as responsible citizens.

Center for English learning skills and career programs

The center offers specialized diploma and certificate programs that are focused on the needs and expectations of the institutions to equip the students with the right skills and knowledge to enable them a better and relevant career that matches their academic pursuits. The courses are offered totally cost free to students who are meritorious and talented but economically disadvantaged. For other students, it is offered on a no profit basis.

Citizenship Education Programs

A training program for students and youth of different age groups to make them sensitized to their roles and responsibilities in making the nation stronger.

Seminars for promoting research acumen amongst students

We encourage and conduct various seminars for paper presentations and publications of various research contributions of young researchers in India. We endeavor to bring forth a journal for such papers to be organized by eminent academic and industry experts.

Motivational sessions to youth on career building and community participation

We are conducting various motivational programs for strengthening the youth in terms of their career goals, providing them counseling and guidance, and actively encouraging them to participate in community based activities organized for the benefit of the poor and needy.

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Have you ever seen a child or a young student aim small or settle with some petty profession that comes to them as an accident or coincidence?

We are sure you agree that any child with a minimum awareness wants to be big, wants to be very special and wants to change the whole world around in a second-just single handed. Obviously they do have such potential and yes, they can. They are the unlimited reservoirs of skills, talents, creativity and have a burning desire to excel.

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